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Making sustainability an affirmative choice for customers

Sustainable brands
Allbirds made wool super cool with its environmentally friendly, carefully crafted footwear.

All of us, except some hard-core deniers know that climate change is real; that the planet is not doing so well thanks to us humans and that all of us should be making better choices that support sustainability. Yet, most of us are not moved enough to make sustainable brand choices, all the time.

Here’s some sound advice from Dr. Daniel L. Benkendorf, Associate Professor of Psychology at FIT that shares interesting nuggets from psychology that could help create more compelling arguments for customers to choose your earth-friendly brand.

1. Use positive triggers that tap on the need to belong or connect to a like-minded group instead of fear mongering. Predictably, the latter only seems to be bring out the denier in us.

2. Encourage people to take that one small step instead of looking at changing ingrained habits overnight

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