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Positioning & Purpose

Create, define, refine, rejuvenate brands, packing them with clarity, meaning and purpose.

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Brand Story Universe

Deploy principles of storytelling to transform the way you think about your brand. Create an engaging, vivid and binding story universe.

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Corporate Positioning

Position corporate brands to build relevance and resonance among internal and external stakeholders.

Business Partners at Work

Brand Stewardship

Ongoing partnership and advisory service to ensure brand health at every stage.


Brand Idea Development

Design or refresh holistic brand ideas rooted in deep insight. Work collaboratively with internal departments and agency partners to facilitate broad alignment and smooth roll-out.


Market Entry

We can help businesses enter new markets or new categories with market analysis, insights, STP strategies, and launch plans.


Tactical Planning

Create or redesign tactical interventions including Sales Promotions, Trade Marketing and Content creation to increase effectiveness and growth potential.

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Strategic Troubleshooting

You have a problem – we can help solve it. We work closely with businesses to help identify barriers to growth and find innovative ways to solve them.

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Annual Brand Plan

We can work closely with your Marketing leadership to conceptualize and create an Annual Brand Plan designed to drive growth.

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Portfolio Planning

Portfolio strategies to help companies navigate the complexity of managing multiple brands or business lines. Create architectures to enhance clarity and maximize incremental growth.


Marketing Advisory

Assist and advise CEOs and CMOs on Strategic Marketing and business issues—serve as bouncing boards, idea generators, strategic navigators and problem-solvers, leveraging years of experience working with business leaders at the highest level.


New Product Development

We offer end-to-end innovation consulting solutions to help companies go from a blank sheet of paper to a viable product ready for launch. Our services encompass opportunity assessment, insight mining, product design, testing & refinement, all the way to brand creation and launch.

Our approach to creating successful new products is a heady blend of robust strategic processes, global cross-category referencing, deep insight mining and free-flowing creativity. Our endeavor is to help create products that can transform people's lives.


Impact Audit

Comprehensive audit of impact initiatives and their current effectiveness in meeting business, brand reputation and impact objectives

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Impact Marketing

Create an effective Impact Marketing plan to help businesses strike the perfect balance between business objectives and impact goals

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Relevance Assessment

Identify issues of high relevance and high impact potential based on consumer insights and prevalent cultural conversations


Eco Business Marketing

Advisory services to help Eco-businesses market their offerings effectively and leverage impact as a competitive advantage


Impact Strategy

Design comprehensive Impact strategy including central theme, impact pillars, key interventions and measurement


Impact Enhancement for NGOs

Leverage principles of consumer psychology, strategic Marketing and behavioral change to help NGOs enhance impact effectiveness

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