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Our Services

Brand Positioning & Purpose

In today's marketplace, Brands must win over increasingly savvy, well-informed customers who demand delivered value over promised value, expect integrity from the brands they choose and examine claims through a cynical lens. This calls for a different approach to Brand Positioning - an inside-out approach rooted in an authentic, actionable purpose. This thinking forms the bedrock of our Positioning solutions. 

Strategic Troubleshooting

Is your brand lagging behind competition on preference? Are your strategic brand initiatives not yielding desired results? Does your brand have a worrisome number of lapsed users? Is your business caught in the discounting trap? Is your brand's social media engagement waning? We thrive on solving brand and business problems and believe that solutions often lie in looking at a problem from a completely different perspective. 

Integrated Communication Strategy

While we are a Strategic Consulting firm, we fully appreciate that great strategy is meaningless without sterling execution. We work closely with our creative partners to deliver comprehensive and cohesive IMC solutions, from offline to online.  

Brand Architecture & Portfolio Planning

Complexity and confusion are bedfellows of brand growth. One brand becomes 3 sub-brands, 4 variants, 5 assets, all trampling on each other, resulting in a diffused or unclear business strategy. Our approach to Portfolio management works on creating a harmonized symphony between the various parts of a brand, effectively developing and delivering a clear Brand Portfolio Blueprint tailored for efficient growth.

Brand Name, Logo & Identity

We delve into applied sciences like Semiotics, Color psychology and Phonetics to create vivid, recognizable, meaningful Identity solutions for brands. We're firm believers in the power of sound and feel that sound is a much neglected aspect of a brand's identity, especially as voice search gains prominence. To this end, our identity solutions aim to be visual as well as auditory.

Corporate Branding

We believe that good Corporate Branding must take into account 4 key factors - Company Capability, Company Reputation, Stakeholder Expectations and Inspiration. We build our Corporate Branding solutions around these factors and tailor them to be implementable, widely accepted within and outside the company, and inspiring for employees and customers.

Innovation Consulting

Our approach to creating successful new products and variants is a heady blend of robust strategic processes, global cross-category referencing, deep insight mining and free-flowing creativity. Our endeavor is to help create products that can transform people's lives.

Brand Stewardship

A brand benefits greatly from having a long-term guardian who can stay with it on an ongoing basis watching over its health, anticipating obstacles to growth before they arise, tackling challenges effectively as they crop up. Our Brand Stewardship solutions would allow us to be guardians of your brands and available to consult on an ongoing basis for all strategic brand initiatives.

Brand Stories

In the engagement economy, customers are constantly asking brands this one question: What's your Story? We can help you find a compelling answer.