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About us

We are a boutique strategic consulting and storytelling company. We help brands grow by discovering their unique place in the world, resolving the challenges they face and telling their story in the most authentic way possible. 

Our company is new, but our founders have extensive experience - over 35 years of it - building strong and successful brands in some of the most dynamic markets around the globe. 

Over the years, our founders have partnered clients effectively in Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Australia, Korea, Russia and North America. This allows us to bring a diverse and global perspective to our method, our processes and our solutions.

We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial spirit and nimble, solution-oriented culture. We approach our clients' brands with a strong sense of ownership, treating them as our own, caring about their health and well-being.

Our style of working is personalized, open and collaborative. We bring diverse teams and specialities together because in our experience, diversity often leads to more powerful and surprising solutions. 

Our team
When it comes to staffing, it is our endeavor to offer our clients the perfect combination of steadiness and consistency on the one hand, and customization and flexibility on the other. To this end, we use an agile staffing model that is fast gaining traction around the world. We have a Core team of experienced, trained senior consultants at the helm of affairs on every project. This Core team is at the heart of our work, leading, guiding, directing, building, analyzing and designing solutions. We also have a regular set of collaborators who are functional specialists in different fields, from content and digital to graphic design. We refer to this latter group as The Collective. We tap into this Collective on a need-basis, handpicking the people best suited to tackle a given brief. This allows us to offer our clients the best solution for a given task, rather than a cookie-cutter that would result from a fixed and rigid staffing model.
Our team combines seniority with millennial thinking, global and regional experience with very strong local insight and the analytical minded with the more imaginative because we strongly believe that the more diverse our influences, the better our solutions. 

Rekha is the strategic brain behind Seer Strategy Studio. She has spent over 2 decades creating winning strategies across Local, Regional and Global markets for some of the largest Marketers in the world including Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, Frito Lay's, GSK, Reckitt Benckiser, UBER and Lazada among many others.  


Before co-founding Seer, Rekha was Managing Director (Vietnam) and Group Chief Strategy Officer at The Phibious Group - South-East Asia’s leading independent agency network. Prior to that, she held senior leadership positions with leading firms, including Global Planning Director at Ogilvy Singapore and Regional Planning Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore.

Co founder & CEO 


Comfortable with wearing many hats, Sai brings a unique mix of extensive brand strategy experience, storytelling ability and design thinking to the table. In the last two decades, he has deep-dived into four different specializations - Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Literary Writing and Design. 

In his career, Sai has held leadership positions in leading Advertising firms like Leo Burnett, Grey Group and Saatchi & Saatchi, and designed strategies for The Coca Cola Company, Sony Ericsson, Wrigley, Standard Chartered, Haier Consumer Electronics, Suzuki Motors and GE, among others. 

Co founder & CEO 


A brand strategist, an avid blogger and a small business owner herself, Thanh brings a rich, in-depth understanding of the Vietnamese market, consumer and cultural landscape to the Seer core team. Her experience spans diverse categories - Insurance, Confectionery, Healthcare, FMCG, Banking and Telecommunications. In addition to Vietnam, Thanh’s thinking lives across brands in Cambodia and Myanmar. 

When she isn’t designing strategies for brands, Thanh runs a website - maad-gurus - that offers analysis of Vietnamese as well as International marketing & communication campaigns.

Strategic Consultant 


Our brand experience*


*Some of the brands that we've had the privilege of working on through our careers.

The work belongs to our previous companies, but the experience is ours.